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A more beautiful smile with a small treatment

Can you change your smile without expensive, long treatments and with a reduced number of teeth removed? What is edge correction and contouring? What does an aesthetic dentist do?

The art of smile design

aesthetic_dentAlmost everyone knows that we have a wide-range of possibilities in the smile beautification process, but lot of people think the treatment is long and expensive, and that it’s damaging the integrity of teeth.

Thanks to the rapidly developing techniques, today we have effective procedures, which make your appearance harmonic, whilst the treatment shows regard for the character of the face, its typical feature and the patient’s personality. Therefore the result is collaboration between the patient and the dentist.

People who have visible problems with their teeth will probably consider a dental correction. But sometimes the problem might me with our smile, rather than with our teeth.

Small errors in the area of teeth and lips can deteriorate the harmony of our face when we talk or smile. Many of us try a professional teeth whitening, because we think the problem is the colour of the teeth. Similar endeavouring is lip augmentation, but if the problem is of other origin, the intervention might not solve our problem.

If we are not sure what disrupts the integrity of our lineaments, an expert in aesthetic dentistry can help us. The dentist will give us some advice, find out the errors in our smile, than with the help of photos and a computer program, he or she can design us a new smile.

There are lots of errors that can disrupt the harmony, like the gaps between our teeth, the projecting and greyed teeth. If we map the problems with an expert, we can find a good solution.

Minimal intervention – big change

In many cases a minor intervention is enough, and without damaging the tooth material you can change your smile and the harmony of your face. Edge correction is a short and painless procedure to achieve a harmony like this. With edge correction the dentist can round the edges of a too cornered, too spiked or too long tooth, and the new form of the tooth can harmonize with the face.

In this way women can get a softer and more feminine face. By cornering the teeth the opposite can be achieved; a marked and masculine look. At the edge of our teeth the enamel is 1-2 mm thick, and with the appropriate technique, the contouring and the edge correction don’t impair the teeth.

The form and size of the teeth can also be changed by (gum) contouring, because if the arc of the gum is corrected, those teeth which look too small will look bigger and longish. This is an affordable option; contouring is 65 EUR at Oxygen Medical (Budapest).

First the teeth whitening, then the correction

fogfeherites_weblapUnsettled teeth first need an orthodontic treatment and after that the edge correction is available, if necessary. If a patient has many fillings, veneers can be a possible solution for an aesthetic and more beautiful smile. Using veneers can rejuvenate a face up to 10 years. Veneers and onlays can protect teeth in poor condition.

If you need this kind of smile beautification or you want to change some fillings in front teeth, it is important to make the teeth whitening first. The colour of the veneer or onlay can only then be matched to the colour of the bleached teeth.

These treatments can be chosen and combined after each patient’s needs, problems and wallet.