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10 arguments for dental implants

An implant replacing the root of the tooth in the bone has countless advantages, but we only gathered the 10 most important arguments pro dental implants.

This as well, is more than enough to see: what we offer is a must-have.

1. The No. 1 dental replacement

The existence of titanium dental implants is credited to the Swedish medical researcher, Per-Ingvar Branemark and his discoveries. The professor – considered to be the father of modern dental implantology – discovered this special material’ ability to merge with bone tissue, while examining titanium prosthetics used in the tibia of rabbits.

There were earlier attempts at creating dental implants, but no matter what material or shape was used, the end result was not encouraging enough. The artificial tooth roots back then were not able to settle into the jaw, and patients ended up losing them.

However, the method developed using the discoveries of Professor Branemark has a 95% success ratio, and as of today, there is no solution more effective for replacing missing teeth.

2. No allergic reaction caused

dental implantThe dental implant is made of biomaterial, usually high-purity, unalloyed medical titanium, which the human body fully accepts.

Titanium implants are backed up by decades long research and development, and world famous manufacturers like Nobel Biocare work on developing better and better methods.

One of the major advantages of the implant systems used by Oxygen Medical is that the titanium-oxide layer building up on the surface of the artificial roots is not soluble in bodily fluids, thus this method does not cause any allergic reactions in patients.

3. The most aesthetic solution

You can say anything, but aesthetics does matter, and only the use of dental implants can have an end result resembling natural teeth the most.

The crowns (such as circonium crowns), manufactured to fit the artificial roots embedded firmly in the bone, are not only perfect copies of the original mouth structures when it comes to chewing, but in terms of aesthetic appearance as well.

When it comes to dental replacements, comprehensive aesthetic rehabilitation is only possible using dental implants. Unlike a dental bridge, teeth adjacent to the edentulous space do not need to be shaped; additionally, unlike in the case of a bridge, gum recession – leaving an aesthetically disturbing gap behind – will not occur.

4. Dental implants are strong and long lasting

After in a sterile environment the implants are placed applying complete analgesia, the merger with bone tissue, ie. osseointegration, begins almost immediately.

By virtue of the process discovered by Professor Branemark, the dental implant is capable to develop a connection to the bone stronger than the original teeth. If the necessary oral hygiene and sufficient attention is assured, a lifelong bond between bone and artificial root develops.

Let’s state it proudly, that no other tooth replacement method is able to do that.

5. Proven technology, routine procedure

Beside leading companies, new participants also dedicate plenty of funds and time to research and development, thus clients can always experience new and safe procedures in dental offices.

Moreover, placing dental implants is nowadays a safe, routinely done procedure. Due to decades of experience, oral surgery is not only prepared for this, but the most effective procedures have been developed as well.

Also, here is no precedent of tumorous growth in connection with applying dental implants, thus there is no need to worry, neither during the procedure, nor afterwards.

6. All kinds of prosthetic devices can be manufactured to fit dental implants

We will have a separate article on this topic, thus this is only a short introduction to the prosthetic usages of dental implants.

The artificial root is placed into the jawbone, but we also need the visible part of the tooth replacement. In the case of an original tooth, this is the crown or the bridge, if the edentulous area is more extended, this can be a partial of full denture.

The dental implant on the other hand can be used in all situations, since it can be flawlessly applied to a single crown, as well as a dental bridge or a round-bridge.

Moreover, the so called fixed dentures are extraordinarily popular among older clients. In this case, the removable dentures are held in place by two, three or four implants, thus the client can wave goodbye to waggling and uneasiness; all day long, without compromise.

7. Improves quality of life

dental implantThose older clients, who have been wearing removables for an extended period of time, know exactly what it feels like living with a constantly moving, waggling replacement, which cannot even be properly used during meals or in a conversation.

Those, who only have a few teeth missing are not much better off either, since an edentulous space not treated might lead to health issues as well.

Applying dental implants on the other hand improves life quality, because this method not only provides the adequate chewing ability lost, but ensures a sense of security and unmatched aesthetic effect.

Those times are over, when one did not dare to bite into a beautiful apple or a juicy steak.

Using a crown, round-bridge or removable denture manufactured to fit the dental implant, chewing function and adequate speaking ability can be restored. The end result? Clearer sounds, and a lot more comfortable everyday life.

No deprivation, no missing out on something, just a life lived to the fullest.

8. Improved oral hygiene becomes possible

Permanent tooth replacements made using dental implants are as close as you can get to natural teeth; in terms of aesthetics, as well as stability or chewing function.

Additionally, it is not a marginal issue either that dental implants are a lot easier to clean, compared to bridges. There is no need to shape the healthy teeth adjacent to the edentulous space (thus, the risk of secondary tooth decay is reduced), and food residue does not get stuck underneath the bridge, making it hard to clean.

Regardless of this, clients have to assure proper oral hygiene, since it is essential to ensure a lifelong connection between implant and bone.

9. Protects the bone

In the absence of chewing power, the edentulous part of the jawbone is gradually absorbed, but placing a dental implant can stop the atrophy.

Why is all this important?

Because a dental bridge or dentures cannot achieve this, and the prolonged usage of these may lead to bone loss of such an extent, that it is not just an aesthetics issue anymore, but future placement of implants is rendered impossible.

10. Restores the smile and the natural lines of the face

One of the most known consequences of tooth loss is the change in facial expressions. This causes conspicuous alterations, especially if there is a larger edentulous area, since the harmony of the face changes, and the new lines provide an older look.

The natural lines of the face can be effectively restored with dental implants, thus the patient regains self-confidence, and a happy and relieved look in the mirror becomes possible.

That is how we get from one to ten: ten arguments, which prove that dental implants represent a unique solution to replace lost teeth.