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Say goodbye to sagging skin

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Are you prepared to turn back time? Try one of the most popular treatments among the superstars, the non-invasive Ultherapy!

Unfortunately, there are some unavoidable things in life:

Our faces change over time, especially if we don’t do anything about it! The skin loses its elasticity and produces less collagen.

Does this sound familiar? You stand in front of the mirror, stare at yourself and think you probably had too little sleep and that you are stressed, tired and that you have to make sure to sleep more the following night.

But then you notice that even if you sleep more the following night and maybe take a hot bath, allow yourself some relaxation – it doesn’t make any difference! You get disappointed and maybe frustrated when you notice; your face has simply changed! Your skin has started to look saggy!

It gets more and more difficult to slow down these changes and as we get older we can see and feel how ruthless gravity is.

Sagging and loose skin around the eyes, chin and neck.

Doesn’t sound too good, does it?

Then prepare yourself for some more bad news. For us women these kind of problems start already in the beginning of our forties.

The effective Ultherapy treatment affects the deeper layers of the skin!

Products promising miracles can’t hinder aging of the face and sagging of the skin. Not even the very popular Botox and filler treatments can give us long lasting results.

The reason for this is very simple: The face needs a treatment that reaches the very deep layers of the skin to be able to rejuvenate.

Due to the developments in plastic surgery, the results have improved a lot, but let’s not forget that surgeries always require a lot of sacrifice.

What if someone is really afraid of invasive treatments and if the sagging has just started and no drastic solution is necessary?

In these cases, Ultherapy, the choice of the superstars is worth considering.

One of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the US has already convinced Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Courtney Cox.

If you try it, you can be the next satisfied patient who doesn’t need to feel embarrassed in front of the mirror.

Revolution without scalpel

Facial rejuvenation is art and Ultherapy makes art on the highest level.

This revolutionary solution only requires one single treatment to reach its unique effect since the ultrasound reaches the deepest layers of the skin.

The Ultherapy device is approved by the most rigorous American authority, the FDA. It uses safe and efficient ultrasound energy to restart the production of collagen.

All this is achieved without causing damage on the skin and without long lasting pain and with 95% patient satisfaction.

The efficiency of the treatments lies in the skin collagen reproduction. The final result lasts a long time and can in some cases have similar effect as a facelift: a fresh and young look.

Furthermore, all this in a natural way maybe during a lunchbreak.

Ultherapy has won „the best lunchtime treatment” award in the exclusive American New Beauty Magazine. If you chose Ultherapy you don’t have to take a day off, you don’t need any long preparations or risky anaesthesia. 1 or 2 hours of just 1 day is all you need to sacrifice to look younger.

The 7 most important advantages of Ultherapy:

•    Tighter, younger looking skin;
•    The lifting can be visible on the whole face and neck;
•    No surgery, no cutting, no downtime;
•    Natural looking effect;
•    Safe without unpleasant complications;
•    can be personalized;
•    Long lasting result (2-5 years)

It is important to choose a clinic which uses the original Ultherapy device and that has a medical background and to avoid beauty shops using counterfeit devices (like for example HiFu).

Do you want to get back your facial features?

After the treatment, that takes 1-2 hours, the sagging skin begins to lift thanks to the production of collagen. All you need to do after the treatment is to drink enough fluid and eat a well-balanced diet.

Try this unique experience, that so many people already have: how wonderful it is to wake up and see the skin get more and more young and fresh. Look in the mirror and feel proud and happy about what we see.

Your face also has the fresh and young looks. Just let Ultherapy help bringing it to the surface!

Take over control!