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Tooth discoloration may occur even if a person maintains good oral hygiene. Factors that contribute to yellow and/or brown teeth include; dental plaque, certain foods, drinks, diseases or medication, tobacco, advancing age, genetics or trauma.

What is teeth whitening?

During teeth whitening the natural colour of the teeth is lightened with the help of a chemical agent.

How teeth whitening is performed?

An in-office whitening is a one-session treatment that takes approximately 2 hours. Another method is at-home whitening, where the patient gets a silicone tray together with the whitening gel and uses it at night until the desired effect is reached. During the treatment, the teeth may become sensitive from the whitening material placed on them. If you are having an in-office treatment and you know that you have a very sensitive tooth, please, let us know. It is possible to use local anaesthesia during the treatment.

Before teeth whitening

A professional teeth cleaning and sometimes even sandblasting is recommended before the bleaching, to remove tartar build-up and stains.

During in-office teeth whitening

After tooth polishing, a special gel is applied on the gum tissue around the teeth, in order to protect it. After that, the whitening material is placed with a brush in a 2-mm thick layer on the dried teeth surfaces. Then a special device provides light for 15×30 seconds followed by 10 second pause to activate the bleaching gel.

After teeth whitening

In the following 3 weeks after the teeth whitening, the teeth might slightly darken. This can then be considered as the final colour. During this 3 weeks period, you should definitely avoid intensely coloured substances since the time when your teeth will darken again depend on how often you consume products that stain (for example: nicotine, coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juice). Proper oral hygiene and the use of whitening toothpaste can help preserving the colour of your teeth.

Teeth whitening at home

The main difference between teeth whitening made by dentist and whitening at home is the concentration of active agent in the chemical used. During teeth whitening at the clinic professional gum protection enables dentists to use stronger substances. In case of teeth whitening at home first an imprint is made of your teeth. With the help of the imprint the dental technicians prepare a silicone tray. The patient applies the bleaching gel into the tray and uses it at night. It takes several days, until the desired result is reached. The tray can be used again in the future.