Budapest, Hungary
+36 (20) 414 3287
Monday-Friday 8-20 (UTC+01:00)
First consultation with panoramic X-ray and treatment planFREE
Panoramic X-ray
25 EUR
190 EUR
Intraoral anaesthesia
Oral hygiene
Professional teeth cleaning
80 EUR
Teeth cleaning with air-flow
40 EUR
Cosmetic dentistry 
Professional teeth whitening with plasma light390 EUR
Professional teeth whitening (take home, per jaw)200 EUR
Direct veneer200 EUR
Indirect veneer (ceramic)300 EUR
Root canal treatment per canal100 EUR
Stub building with metal / glass pin100 EUR
Stub building without pin80 EUR
Conservative dentistry 
Tooth filling – aestheticFrom 60 EUR
Composit inlay240 EUR
Gold inlay (without price of gold)240 EUR
Galvanic inlay with porcelain covering250 EUR
Porcelain inlay270 EUR
Price of gold per grammvariable
Prosthetic dentistry 
Metal- ceramic crown or bridge /teeth210 EUR
Metal- ceramic crown for implant /teeth220 EUR
All-ceramic crown or bridge /teeth290 EUR
Zirconium- ceramic crown or bridge/teeth330 EUR
Gold-ceramic crown or bridge /teeth (without the price of gold)220 EUR
Bio HPP crown/bridge400 EUR
Press-ceramic crown or bridge /teeth400 EUR
Long-term temporary crown per tooth90 EUR
Sinus lift surgery500 EUR
Bone grafting surgery fee500 EUR
Bone grafting material – 0,5 gr180 EUR
AlphaBio implant without abutment and crown490 EUR
AlphaBio abutment230 EUR
NobelReplace™ CC implant without abutment and crown890 EUR
NobelReplace™ CC abutment490 EUR
NobelActive™ implant without abutment, without crown1090 EUR
NobelActive™ abutment590 EUR
Zirconium abutment400 EUR
Implant exposure50 EUR
Mesostructure990 EUR
Complete denture per jaw590 EUR
Repair of denture100 EUR
Temporary denture500 EUR
Partial denture (metal-based)400 EUR
Dental surgery 
Tooth extraction 1 root50 EUR
Tooth-root extraction – more roots100 EUR
Tooth extraction – surgical
150 EUR
Cystectomy, resection
125 EUR
Lyoplant membrane250 EUR