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Do you have a metal allergy? Please read!

Metal-free and bio dental solution

Did you know that every second person is unhappy with his or her teeth colour and that every fourth person covers his or her mouth when smiling? Additionally, more and more people are suffering from metal allergies and are therefore looking for an aesthetic bio solution to avoid hypersensitivity reactions.

BioHPP is one of the most effective answers to metal allergy, because of its durability, high biocompability and totally metal free design.

Top solution: bio crown

– Dental crowns have been used to restore damaged teeth for over 100 years, but according to Dr Lili Kozák, dentist at Oxygen Medical Clinic, the aesthetic part of these crowns was not solved for a very long time.

The conventional metal ceramic crown was covered with porcelain in the 1950s, to make it look more like an original tooth.

– A metal ceramic crown has two big disadvantages. Because of the metal frame, the crown will never be as nice and natural looking as a real tooth and because it contains metal, people with special metal allergies are not able to use them, says Dr Lili Kozák. – Even though pure porcelain is the material that is most similar to an original tooth, the technology of how to use it needed some development to be both nice and durable.

This is why BioHPP is a revolutionary technique: thermoplastic has been used successfully in the medical industry for decades, mainly for implants, for example finger prosthesis or for making disc- and hip joints.

Finally, in the 21st century it was specially optimized in the dental field as well.

How can BioHpp make my smile more beautiful?

BioHpp is ideal for allergy sufferers and has a high aesthetic appearance: a real bio solution with unique qualities, used successfully for all kinds of prosthetic works.

Since the material is white, there is no grey metal that might colour the gum. The material is flexible and its elasticity lies within the range of bone, but is still very durable and abrasion resistant. The patient will experience a very high level of wearing comfort.

Also dentists like BioHpp and not only because they are appealing to the patients. Actually the material is easy to work with due to the fineness of the ceramic filler and the perfect high shine polishing, which makes it plaque resistant and colour safe. Perfect for manufacturing high quality prosthetics.

The unique advantages of BioHPP

BioHPP is suitable not only for crowns or bridges, but also for other fixed or removable dental solutions. The advantages of the material speak for themselves.

  1. Flexibility – less stress on the jaw, chewing load is distributed evenly. Is therefore highly recommended for use in implantology.
  2. There are no limits for the number of fields BioHpp can be used in prosthetic dentistry; crowns, bridges, dentures, screw-retained or cemented crowns on implants, complex telescopic bridges, fixed or removable dentures.
  3. Aesthetic white colour “white shade” – no discolouration, plaque resistant.
  4. Not abrasive for the neighbouring teeth, the enamel of the opposite teeth is protected.
  5. Elasticity – high level of wearing comfort.

Dr Lili Kozák also explains that the crowns are easy to work with and to custom-make. -With BioHpp it is more simple to achieve a functionally and aesthetically perfect solution, she says.