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Heart diseases and diabetes caused by plaque?

The connection between some health problems and bad oral hygiene has long been recognized by the science of dentistry. The accurate removal of plaque is very important to preserve the health of our teeth and gums.

The dentist of Oxygen Medical (Budapest), Krisztina Benkő MD talked to us about the consequences of recklessness, and the importance of tooth brushing.

Plaque effects oral hygiene

Plaques or dental deposits are created by bacteria, attached to the surface of the teeth. In our mouth there are millions of bacteria and in normal cases they are protecting our mucosa and immune system, but we should not let them proliferate.

For the concretion of plaque a few teeth brushing-free days are enough; the scrapings combine with saliva and the large amount of bacteria.

The ecesis of plaque can be subserved by densely located teeth, badly made fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures or lower saliva volume and smoking.

The look of negligent, brow teeth and the halitosis is a warning sign and means we should visit a dentist. If you don’t, it can cause gingival, or at the end a periodontal disease and looseness or loss of teeth.


Nowadays we know that periodontal diseases also are connected to other serious problems, like heart diseases, diabetes, dementia or rheumatoid arthritis. It is clear that bacteria in the mouth can get into the blood flow and attack the organs.

That is why it is important to take pains to oral hygiene, like plaque-removal treatment and teeth whitening with plasma light.

Tooth brushing is not enough

Krisztina Benkő MD, dentist of Oxygen Medical says that the only reliable solution is a professional dental procedure, where the dentist cleans the teeth with a special ultrasonic depurator.

After this, the roughness of the surface of the teeth can be smoothened with special pastas and brushes, or with sand-blowing.

If you have serious inflammation in your gum or a periodontal disease, you also need a quick dental treatment to preserve your teeth and improve your oral hygiene.